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"The Euro-Asian Bridge" Society

11th Annual Meeting

"The Euro-Asian Bridge" Society

Budva | Montenegro | April 18 - 19, 2015

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 11th Annual Meeting of "The Euro-Asian Bridge" Society, the Chancellor, Professor Dr. Sotirios Prapas, the President Professor Belhan Akpinar and the Scientific Chairman, Dr. Aleksandar Nikolic, have the honour to invite you to participate to this scientific event, which will take place in Budva, Montenegro, 18-19 April 2015. 




Message from the Chancellor:


On behalf of the board of directors of the Euro-Asian Bridge Society, upon completion of the proceedings of the 11th annual meeting, I would like to share some conclusions, express my thanks and announce some decisions made regarding the next annual meetings and the future of this Society.


The 11th annual meeting of the Euro-Asian Bridge Society was the first cardiothoracic International meeting that has ever been held in Montenegro. Thus, it was highly honored by the presence of members of the Government, the University and the Hospital of Podgorica, who attended the opening ceremony.  The scientific chairman, Dr. Aleksandar Nikolic, provided a warm hospitality and a congress with a successful set of topics on the latest trends of Cardiac Surgery.  All of the presentations given, highlighted the experience of Cardiac Surgeons from the Middle East and Balkan area, on new techniques and technologies.  Conclusively, this was another successful meeting of the Euro-Asian Bridge Society.


Additionally, I would like to congratulate and thank the Scientific Chairman, and friend Dr. Aleksandar Nikolic, for organizing this meeting and the warm hospitality. Also, The Minister of Health of Montenegro, The Minister of Sciences, The Dean of the University, the Mayor of Budva, the representatives of the hospital of Podgorica, the delegates and friends that honored the opening ceremony and the Congress.  I would also like to thank and congratulate all colleagues, for their presence, their presentations and their contribution on the successful outcome of this meeting. Also I would like to thank the Platinum sponsor Medtronic, and the Silver sponsor neomedica, the secretariat of EAB Mrs. Nancy Christidi and NC COM company.  Finally many thanks to my executive consultant, Mrs. Stella Papandreopoulou, who built the Euro-Asian Bridge Society website and related marketing tools. 


Regarding the future activity of EAB, during the the steering committee meeting we have decided to organize the 12th annual meeting of EAB, in Beirut, Lebanon, with Dr. G. Tedy as a Scientific Chairman, April 2016 and the 13th annual meeting in Iasi, Romania, in 2017 with Dr. G. Tinica as a scientific chairman.


We have decided to make efforts to expand the Society including new members as representatives of various countries, with the will to contribute to EAB Society and to organize sessions along with Cardiologists who would attend our annual meetings.  As of 01/01/2016 we have decided an annual fee of 50, 00€ that will cover some administrative expenses.  The composition of the Board of Directors was modified as follows.


Chancellor  & Founder: Sotirios Prapas, Greece

Vice Chancellor & Co-Founder: Belhan Akpinar, Turkey

President: George Tedy, Lebanon

Past President: Aleksandar Nikolic, Montenegro

President Elected: Gregor Tinica, Romania

Secretary General: Hani Najm, Saudi Arabia

Treasurer: Kosmas Tsakiridis, Greece

Consultant: Gencho Nachev, Bulgaria

Consultant: Ali Refatllari, Albania

Consultant: Bojan Biocina, Croatia

Consultant:Borut Gersak, Slovenia

Consultant: Michalis Argyriou, Greece

Secretariat: Nancy Christidi, Greece



See you all next April, in Beirut!


Sotirios Prapas



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