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The Euro-Asian Bridge Society

THE IDEA behind the Euro-Asian Bridge Society of cardiac surgeons (E.A.B) was triggered by conversations among cardiac surgeons who stem from the South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East regions, during international congresses in Vienna, San Diego, and Istanbul, back in 2003. 

A UNIFYING PLATFORM for surgeons coming from those regions was soon apparent that would benefit the collaboration, promote the exchange of experience, information, enhancing the communication with all known established societies such as I.S.M.I.C.S., W.S.C.T.S., E.A.C.T.S., E.S.C.V.S., A.S.C.V.T.S.  Additionally, in cooperation with other local societies, E.A.B would promote representatives in decision-making centers, concerning cardiac surgery at a national or international level. In January 2004 we took the initiative to organize our first meeting in Athens.  The enthusiasm and commitment exhibited in our kick-off meeting boosted the ambition to take this idea a step further, by creating the necessary legal framework to support our endeavors.  The Euro-Asian Bridge Society of Cardiac Surgeons statutory was signed during our second meeting that was held in Mykonos, 16-17 July 2005, allowing its members to further explore the content of this link. Since then, members of E.A.B. successfully organize our annual meetings in their country of origin. 

YEARS after its initiation, the society currently unifies more than 25 countries from the Euro-Asian region, primarily due to some of its defining characteristics.  Friendship, collaboration, exchange of experience and knowledge, together with synergies that help to materialize our vision to further advance our profession, in areas that need it most through education, specialized training on new techniques and technologies.

The Euro-Asian Bridge society is grateful to the various pioneers in cardiac surgery who have been honoring our meetings with their presence supporting its efforts and share the same aspirations.


Steered by its board of directors and being present in most of the Balkan and Middle East countries through its local representatives, the society strives to fulfill one by one its objectives and at the same time safeguard its core values, which differentiate it from other bodies and associations, based on interpersonal relationships and mutual respect. 

Sotirios N. Prapas

Founder & Chancellor

The Euro-Asian Bridge Society

Belhan Akpinar

Co-founder & Vice Chancellor

The Euro-Asian Bridge Society

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